NOTICE: :- Admissions open for the academic year 2024-2025. Class X ICSE Board exams begins from February 21,2024

We Strive...

1. To accept, defend and promote the rights of children.

2. To educate students to become active and responsible citizens.

3. To avoid all aspects of a discipline that is coercive. Discipline is enforced with deprivations or ‘time out’.

4. To foster a campus atmosphere that is relaxed, friendly and happy with a marked absence of fear.

5. To create a systematic mixture of work ethic and high productivity.

6. To enrich the curriculum in order to provide the overall development of children rather than remaining text book centric.

7. To celebrate the cultural diversity of the school community.

8. To accept the awakening of social consciousness as our educational responsibility, functioning with total openness and transparency.