NOTICE :- FA-1 Examination commences on 22nd July 2024 for classes LKG - VIII

                                                                                                         HOUSE SYSTEM
All the students are divided equally among four houses. RUBY (RED), SAPPHIRE (BLUE), EMERALD (GREEN), DIAMOND (YELLOW). Inter house literary, cultural and sports competitions are held throughout the year starting from morning assembly from June till the annual day. Points are calculated and tabulated periodically. The final score declares a house victorious which gets the inter house Rolling Trophy.
Students winning at inter school competitions also add points to their respective houses. Thematic assemblies are held and competitions are conducted to develop healthy competition among the students.
The House System in schools are incorporated to encourage students to compete in various extra-curricular activities. This system induces their enthusiasm, competitive spirit and gives them a chance to find out their talents and where they excel. They develop confidence, learn to overcome their shyness, fear of being ridiculed and above all learn to accept both success and failure with equanimity which is very much essential in life. They imbibe soft skills which will be of great use to them in their career.  The Red House indicates confidence and courage, while the Blue House indicates being in Harmony and to be an inspiration to others. The Green House symbolizes consistency and have compassion towards others while the Yellow House indicates creativity and optimism. These are very essential traits that every student should learn to become a good human being.

The students wear sport T- shirts of these colors. All events,  cultural, annual sports,  inter–school & Intra-School are conducted and points added to the Winner’s houses. Unique talents, participating and winning at district, state, national and international levels are recognized and they contribute more points to their respective houses. The points are consolidated and the Winning House is awarded a Rolling Shield annually. A House Teacher co-ordinates all the activities and encourage the students to achieve their best. Each house have two designated Captains who handle different portfolios like cultural, sports etc.

House name


Vice Captain

Incharge Teachers



(Grade 8)


(Grade 9)

Miss. Yashodamma.M

Mr. srinivas. S.N

Miss. Nimmadas.P 


Yogendra. V

(Grade 9)

Sanjana mary.C

(Grade 9)

Miss. Savitha Hegde

Miss. Jisha.A

Miss. pavithra.P



(Grade 9)

Krupa Sanjana.G

(Grade 9)

Mr. sumanth.s

Miss. vidya.S.R

Miss. Aruna. A



(Grade 9)

Tanvi. M.A

(Grade 7)

Sr. Silgiya

Miss. Tejeswini.C

Miss. Saira Sebastian


Student Council - 2022 -23

Position  Name Grade
Head Boy Master. Manu.M.G 8
Head Girl Miss .Ann Maria Manoj 9


Sports Captain Sports Vice Captain
Master. Ullas.V  Miss. Chaithra.B


Band Leader
Miss. Aileen Maria Jhonson


Sl.No Grade Captain Vice Captain
1 I Neil Thomas Dhanashri. S
2 II Rushal.N Ganavi.S
3 III Archana S Reddy Tejana P Reddy
4 IV Amit Sarvartha Jeseline Immaculate Jhon
5 V Saharsha.M Muhammed Sheikh Safeer
6 VI Lakshmishree.HP Sujan.G
7 VII Tanvi.M.A Aileen Maria Johnson
8 VIII Manu G Varsha
9 IX Ann Maria Manoj Nihal Lahin S.J
10 X Chaithra.B Sushil Sanjeev Shetty