NOTICE :- FA-1 Examination commences on 22nd July 2024 for classes LKG - VIII


The School Human Resource Development Centre organizes programmes that respond to the specific needs of students, teachers, as well as parents that  facilitate the fulfilment of the institution’s academic and non-academic goals. It aims to ensure optimum learning and holistic growth for all students. 

The SHRD Centre offers a range of supportive services and development programs such as counselling, career guidance, mental health programs such as stress management, health and hygiene, and safety programs like cyber safety and protection against child abuse (POCSO).  

 Pravasa - Tours and Picnics

Guided tours and picnics are always learning experiences. They have great recreational as well as educational value. Hence, the school arranges trips to various places of interest once a year for all students. A trip to the nearby park, the planetarium or just plain sightseeing, helps children expand their world. It teaches them to respond to different situations outside the sheltered environment of the classroom. Venturing into public places allows children to develop and enrich their social skills as they encounter more people.

Tours and picnics give the children and teachers the chance to have fun in an informal atmosphere. Teachers interact with their students in a relaxed way in this type of activity.