NOTICE :- FA-1 Examination commences on 22nd July 2024 for classes LKG - VIII



The Kindergarten programme at Carlo Cavina spans three years and is classified into Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG).

At CCS, we believe the purpose of education goes beyond just learning to read, write, memorise and pass examinations in order to get a secure job in the future. Learning is all about being a good critical thinker, a good team player and being empathetic towards society. This is the true purpose of education – to awaken the innate potential in every child.

The Kindergarten programme is an amalgamation of the Montessori methodology and conventional methods of learning. Creative arts are an integral part of a child’s developmental process. We encourage our children to enjoy different creative skills such as dance, music, role play and art. Throughout the year, children are engaged in stimulating activities based on varied themes and festivals. Sports and outdoor activities also form an integral part of the daily routine. Quality Circle time, storytelling, rhyme time, reading sessions, field trips and celebrations are some of the engaging methods we use to promote learning.

Brief outline on the curriculum:

The curriculum is divided into 7 themes each planned on the basis of hierarchy, thus moving from simple topics to more complex ones.·

Each theme is covered over a course of three to four weeks.· The theme is broken down into various areas of learning such as:

  • General knowledge
  • Personal, physical and emotional development
  • Cognitive development
  • Mathematical development
  • Language development
  • Creative development
  • Readiness Skills