NOTICE :- FA-1 Examination commences on 22nd July 2024 for classes LKG - VIII


Discipline is an intergral part of the learning process and is essential for the all - round development of the child.

The purpose of the following rules and regulations are to guide and assist in providing the student with the quality education. Students and parents are required to observe and to adhere to these rules.

  • Every Student of this is expected to be courteous in talk and behavior at all times.They must use polite expressions like thank you, excuse me,'sorry',please etc as and when necessary. Students are expected to get up from their seats when a teacher or a visitor enters the classroom or the place where they happened to be and stand erect while being spoken to.
  • Every student is given a copy of the school diary which must be brought daily to the school.
  • All pupils shall make themselves acquainted with the rules and regulations notified for their conduct. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.
  • When the first bell rings,Studens are expected to be in their respective classes in silence and in order for assembly. Follow the one way system while walking in a line.
  • Punctual and Regular attendance will be insisted upon.Late comers without written explanation from parents or guardian will not be admitted in class.Irregular attendance,neglect of home assignment,misbehaviour even outside the school premises,insubordination to school authorities,Will justify disciplinary action against the student.
  • Students who are absent for a month without permission will have their names struck off from their rolls.
  • Perfect silence must be observed in the class rooms.Class rooms are reserved for study only and not for recreation. Any kind of damage caused by the pupil to school property such as equipments,furniture,building etc.will have to be made good by the pupil himself or herself.
  • Students are expected to speak only in English when they are in the school campus.
  • No pupil is allowed to bring into the classroom any article,book or magazine,not approved by the school.
  • No pupil shall enter any classroom other than his/her own without permission.
  • No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal /class teacher.
  • All students are expected to take part in the assembly. students desiring to be exempted from P.T or games on medical grounds should produce a doctor's certificate and get approval from the Principal.
  • Students who fail in the same class for 2 years in succession will be given compulsary T.C and it is applicable also to students who discontinue the school during the year.
  • Students who come late or who have been absent on the previous day must bring the late attendance or absence record signed by the parents or guardian. Late comers are liabe to lose attendence for the day.
  • In all forseen cases, leave of absence must be obtained beforehand from the Principal.
  • No wrist watches or jewellery is allowed expect in case of girls, only one pair of small gold ear studs. Boys must not wear jewelry. These rules are strictly enforced as a safe precaution.
  • All assignments and projects shall be regularly completed and submitted as directed by the teachers.
  • inattentiveness, indifference towards any subject, discouragement towards any member of the staff or any act which affects the discipline of the school will be viewed seriously.
  • Cleanliness of person and dress is expected from every student. The uniform must be clean, well pressed and complete at all times. Students coming to school in untidy school dress, unkept hair, improper footwear etc., will be denied admission to the class.
  • Bullying,aggression or violence in any form is gross misconduct for which the school will take strict disciplinary action if required.
  • Students are expected to have respect for their peers and be sensitive to differences among themselves due to physical, cultural and economic considerations.
  • Students are expected to be environment friendly. Strict action will be taken against students who are found using illicit or narcotic substances and behaving inappropriately on the premises.


  •  Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones on the school premises.In case a student has to carry a phone for extraneous reasons, arrangements are made to deposit the phone at the school office during school hours.
  •  Students will not indulge in inappropriate use of the school computers or networks.
  • Students are not permitted to bring valuable electronic devices  (ipods, cameras, tablets etc).
  •  Strict action will be taken if it comes to the notice of the school authorities that any student is involved in possession and circulation of inappropriate digital content on mobile devices.


  • The active co-operation of parents/guardians with the school is an essential pre-requisite for the welfare of the students. They should encourage children to participate in all the school activities and school functions
  • Parents and guardians are kindly requested not to walk around the school or visit classes during the class hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Every student is expected to take an active part in the co-curricular activities like games, sports,literary associations, educational tours, picinic etc. arranged by the school.
  • The management reserves the right to request parents to withdraw their wards from the school, if the behaviour and conduct of the parent /ward goes against the discipline, culture and ethos of the school.
  • Parents are requested to be in contact with the teachers regularly. Atleast once in a semester they should meet the teachers in personal, but on no account are they allowed to go to the classroom and meet the teachers during working hours.
  • Reports of the students, their conduct, punctuality, progress in studies,marks in the bi-monthly tests and semester examinations are indicated from time to time on the pages of the handbook. parents are requested to take note of these reports, to duly sign them with date and to take necessary remedial action.
  • Parents should not fail to attend the class wise parent-teacher get together and open house meeting after the semester exams, the date of which will be duly communicated to the parents. Parents shall inform the school if there is any change of address and phone numbers. All the parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities to liberate the children from the burden of tuition.


 Kindergarten (Pre-KG to UKG)

Boys Girls
Pink micro striped shirt and dark grey micro striped trouser  Pink micro striped dark grey frock.
 CCS White striped Navy Blue belt  with emblem.  CCS White striped Navy Blue belt with  emblem.
 Black shoes and White striped  Navy  Blue socks.    Black shoes and White striped Navy  blue  socks, Blue color ribbon.











Grade ( I - VII)
Boys Girls
 Half sleeved Grey Striped white shirt and Dark Grey Trousers(I - IV) , Dark Grey pants (V - VII)   Half sleeved Grey striped White shirt  and Dark Grey pinafore 
Black shoes and white striped Navy Blue socks  Black shoes and white striped Navy blue socks, Blue color ribbon
 CCS White striped Navy Blue belt with emblem  CCS White striped Navy Blue belt with emblem


Grade (VIII - IX)
Boys Girls
 Half sleeved Grey Striped white shirt and  Dark Grey Pant, Full sleeved Dark  Grey Blazer  Half sleeved Grey striped White shirt and Dark Grey Pant,Full sleeved Dark Grey Blazer
Black shoes and white striped Navy Blue socks Black shoes and white striped Navy Blue socks, Blue color ribbon
 CCS White striped Navy Blue belt with emblem  CCS White striped Navy Blue belt with emblem

SPORTS UNIFORM: Wednesday & Saturday

Boys: (Pre KG - X) –  Black track pant, House colour T-shirt, White socks and White shoes
Girls: (Pre KG - X)   –   Black track pant, House colour T-shirt, White socks and White shoes.
Winter Wear – Navy blue woollen sweater with school emblem  for grade Pre Kg and above.


  • Hair must at all times be neat. This means that it should not bunch at the back of the head or above the ears, but must be shaped and evenly graded.
  • Simple Traditional cut having side partition.
  • Inappropriately short styles are not acceptable.
  • No gel or dying of hair is allowed in the school premises.


  • Girls up to Class VII should tie their hair into two plaits with a Blue ribbon .
  • Girls above class VIII are permitted to wear their hair in a single braid with a Blue ribbon. 
  • Hair that hangs down to cover the eyes and down the side of the face and head must be tied up or clipped back with hairclips.
  • Fashionable hairstyles or any hairstyle likely to cause comment/distraction are unacceptable within the school premises.
  • No excessive coloring of hair that looks unnatural will be allowed.


  • Nails to be trimmed weekly, Boys/girls are not allowed to grow their nails long.
  • Shirt Buttons should not be kept open and the shirts to be tucked in properly.
  • Belts to be worn tightly and visibly.
  • Personal hygiene is to be maintained.
  • Designs, lines, arts, writings, patching, paintings or pictures on pants or shirts etc are not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to wear gold or any other type of ornaments in the School.
  • Wearing uniform during school hours is compulsory.
  • No low waist pants and narrow pants will be permitted on the campus.
  • Alteration in school uniform will not be allowed.
  • Using colored contact lens is strictly prohibited.
  • Tattooing is strictly prohibited.