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Our Founder
Venerable Fr. Carlo Cavina




       Venerable Don Carlo Cavina

           29 August 1820 - 15 September 1880


       Prophets and visionaries are raised by God at various times in history to respond to the need of the time and to lead the people in the right way.One such visionary raised by God was Fr. Carlo Cavina, the parish priest of Lugo, a town in Italy.Europe witnessed many cultural, political and social upheaval in the 19th century. It was the time of Italian resurgence(Risorgimento) leading to the unification of Italy. In the name of freedom, religious education was banned in the schools and with the abrupt dismantling of some educational structures, the civil society found itself in a sudden gust of moral emancipation. It took the form of freedom of press, a lose morality, with considerable negative repercussions on the mentality of the young people.Those who were most at risk were the children and the young women.

      Fr. Carlo Cavina being true pastor of the people took many initiatives to save his people from the clutches of the evil influences. He formed  a catholic club for the men, a book shop, a circulating library for women, a branch of the  society of St. Vincent de Paul for charity work, evening schools for the poor working children, day schools for the wealthy and middle class children. To assist him in this task, he sought the help of the sisters of  charity with the permission and the blessing of the Bishop. Later he founded the congregation Daughters of St. Francis de Sales, through whom his vision continues in many parts of the world, who live a life of contemplation and action in the midst of the world.

     Carlo Cavina school was established in the year 2013 at Adhigondanahalli,by the Daughters of St.Francis De Sales in an attempt to provide education for all especially to the needy ones of the area following the example of  their beloved founder Venerable Fr.Carlo Cavina. Carlo cavina school  proudly inherits from this great visionary, the ideals for giving an integral formation and a value based education to the children.